im a Big Gay [screams of horror] im a legal adult [louder screams]

fall out boy historian

im 2% bad math, 89% alcohol and 10% strawberry milk

i feel so dizzy like im gonna throw up i can taste it in the back of my throat i know im gonna be sick fuck fck fUc k

francicsco replied to your post: “francicsco replied to your post: “i took this character alignment test…”:
i am neutral evil at least i am not FUCKING WILD like you but i still feel like trash because its just like. you only do whats best for you. which is probably worse because its true 😒😒😒

ifu man this sucks. i kinda wish i didnt take that test now bc im reading thru the chaotic evil code and the chaotic evil and society and im realising that im fitting into more than a few of them and im like. shit. this is actually me and ive never realised that im so selfish and self-absorbed in what i want to do but im also not feeling guilty about this if that makes any sense

im getting so angry bc my grandparents know that i dont like large bodies of water but here they are making plans that im gonna be on the big boat w/ them going past niagara falls and white water rafting or w/e the fuck its called but i haVE A FUCKING PHOBIA OF LARGE BODIES OF WATER ESPECIALLY WHEN U GET ME IN THE WATER SO WHAT ARE THEY HOPING TO ACHIEVE BY MAKING ME HAVE A FUCKING PANIC ATTACK WHEN NEXT YEAR IS SUPPOSED TO BE A RELAXING HOLIDAY IN CANADA

emoglitter’s august botm!!



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